Can AI and machine learning help lawyers and legal professionals?

Technology can also help lawyers and legal professionals. With the help of Artificial Intelligence (AL) and Machines learning (ML), law firms and the legal sector can be transformed completely in many ways. When allowed, AI and machine….

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How blockchain will help travel agencies offer cheap tour packages

The revenue generated by the current travel and tourist industry is surprisingly impressive. It produces more than $500+ billion a year. But, the travel & tourism industry is a heavily centralized ecosystem, and thus between 10% and….

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How does an ERP system simplify operations in the construction industry?

The growth in the GLOBAL CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY has to reach $8 trillion by 2030, mainly driven by China, US, and India as the benchmark global study from Global Construction Perspectives and Oxford Economics says. The study further notes that….

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The Actual Benefits of Using Apps in Health, Fitness, and Medical needs

Today, people are health-conscious as never before. To stay fit and get good health, they try whatever comes to them. But, as we know, people have little time in spare. Unfortunately, people were also never such busier….

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Now AR apps of IKEA and Overstock are using Google’s ARCore

We have seen tons of usages of augmented reality technology so far. Business from industries like entertainment, healthcare, retail, marketing, education, military, travel & tourism, automation, manufacturing, and fashion are already using the AR technology. One of….

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5 Myths Discouraging Businesses To Adopt Enterprise Mobility

Mobility turns out to be a bit huger every day. Now, we have more active mobile phones than the total human-population on the planet, according to UN’s International Telecommunications Union (UTI). Mobility is purely a consumer-driven economy,….

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Reasons why there is need of improving mobile e-commerce experience

It’s simple to explore products and convenient to buy them using mobile apps. Data found from various studies in yearly e-commerce trends have revealed that more and more people around the world are using their mobile devices to….

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How to decide a mobile platform for your first app

The increasing usages of smartphones are also increasing the demand mobile app development. Businesses know that apps can help them add great value to their band, as well as to their offering and customers care services.

But it’s….

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6 Most Important Things An App Startup Needs Today

A startup taking off from the ground requires a lot of resources at its disposal. Also, at the time of beginning, the startup has to take every step very cautiously in spending money on things that matter….

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Expect the unexpected: APP DEVELOPMENT at heavy CHRISTMAS and NEW YEAR OFFERS!!!

Are you running one of these businesses?


Real estate 
Social Networking 


 Medicine delivery

Don’t you still have an app to get advantages of the current festive season?


How about getting your app built at heavy discounts?

Yes, it’s true. Mobile app….

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